Loxton Land promote land and buildings for development by working with landowners to help them obtain planning permission.

We de-risk the planning process for the landowner by funding it
from start to finish and then help them to sell the land and unlock its full development value.


Loxton Land is a specialist land promoter. We help landowners realise the development value of their land or buildings by de-risking the planning process for them.

We use our expertise to promote a site for development and we fund the planning process, thereby obtaining planning consent at no cost to the landowner, then we help to sell the land to a developer on the open market.

We engage with the local community and the local planning authority throughout the promotion process to ensure that planning consent is granted for a high quality development that is appropriate in its local context and will leave a genuine, positive legacy.


Many landowners or businesses own land and buildings with development potential, but lack the necessary expertise or funding to obtain planning permission.

Planning is an increasingly costly and complicated exercise. The expense and risk of not getting permission discourages many people from making an application.

Loxton Land removes that risk by funding the whole process then helping the landowner to sell the consented site for the highest possible price.

We engage with the local planning authority and the local community, then use our in house knowledge and several carefully selected specialist consultants to put together a suitable planning application.

We negotiate with the local authority to secure the best planning consent possible and then help the landowner to realise the maximum value for their site by selling it on the open market.



At the point of sale Loxton Land receive a percentage of the land’s sale value as their reward.

It is in our interests to maximise the value of the site as the size of our reward is directly affected.

If the site doesn’t get planning permission, the landowner is not exposed to any cost and still retains ownership of their asset.

Promotion agreements are increasingly popular over conventional developer option agreements, as the promoter’s interests are aligned with the landowner and the land can be sold on the open market to establish best value.


Loxton Land was founded by Rupert Bendell and Will Taylor, both Chartered Surveyors and qualified Agricultural Valuers.

Will Taylor MRICS FAAV

07970 572 482


Will’s experience has included advice on a wide range of property matters including valuation and development land consultancy, together with the sale of farms, land and country property. Will’s involvement in land and development extends to the handling of large planning applications and the promotion and preparation of sites for disposal.

Rupert Bendell MRICS FAAV

07494 822 522

Rupert’s experience primarily lies in rural development land consultancy and disposals, together with rural and urban planning advice.  Rupert’s general practice surveying background also included negotiating option and promotion agreements, advising on rural diversification schemes, alongside valuation and capital taxation advice.


Will and Rupert’s unique approach to land promotion is a result of their background in the land agency industry, where they have had a broad range of experience from advising on planning and development to dealing with a variety of agricultural and commercial property matters such a valuation, landlord and tenant disputes and tax planning.

The decision to set up Loxton Land was made whilst working as Chartered Surveyors in Bath and Oxford, and was borne out of an understanding that a wide range of issues affect a landowner’s decision to sell their land, beyond merely obtaining planning permission. It became clear to them that many complicated sites were not being brought forward due to a reluctance from the promotion and development industry to deal with them.

This leaves many landowners in a difficult situation, as they don’t have the funding or expertise to promote the land themselves.

Loxton Land seeks to fill the gap in this market by promoting these sites, in addition to the more conventional ones.



If you own land or property with development or redevelopment potential and you would like assistance with securing planning permission and funding the process, then we would be pleased to hear from you.

We promote bare agricultural land, as well as brownfield land and buildings which are suitable for regeneration or conversion.

We look forward to hearing from you.



If you are an agent and you have a client with land or buildings of any size that are suitable for development or redevelopment, then we would be pleased to hear from you.

If you are a developer looking for your next project, then we would be pleased to discuss your requirements.

We look forward to hearing from you.






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